Our emphasis is on compliance and accuracy. We are sensitive to time limits, those important trigger dates and of course the projected closing date.

Escrow laws, compliance, licensing, staffing, continuing education and financial requirements are always changing and are now more stringent than ever.


Our escrow officers, staff and in-house counsel meet all the requirements and possess the knowledge and skill gained by years of experience to meet the demands and provide the service required of them.

Julieann Whittaker

Manager Sunland Branch, Escrow Officer

27 Years Escrow Experience

Email:  JW@EscrowTime.com

John Cox                                                    

Escrow Officer

27 Years Escrow Experience

Email:  John@EscrowTime.com


Iris Martinez

Escrow Officer

12 Years Escrow Experience

Email:  IrisV@EscrowTime.com