Why you need an Escrow Company?

The purpose of an escrow company is to serve as an impartial specialist between the buyer and seller to insure that no funds or property changes hands until all provisions are completely satisfied.

Residential Purchases             

Commercial Purchases     

Real Estate Owned (REO) 


Private Party Loans           

Tract/New Construction

1031 Exchange

Vacant Land


Short Sales


What services should I expect from my escrow company?

•     Preparing escrow instructions.

•     Receiving and depositing funds with care.

•     Preparing the settlement documents.

•     Obtaining preliminary title searches.

•     Paying all bills as authorized by the principals such as loans,  taxes, interest and                   insurance.

•     Receiving all monies

•     Securing the deed and other related documents.

•     Being in touch with the mortgage lenders to see that all of their requirements are met.

•     Recording all documents and deeds 

•     Preparing the closing statements for the parties with a complete accounting of all funds.  The items will reflect the purchase price, disbursements and credits all payoffs  on encumbrances, tax liens, the cost for all services and the funds you are entitled to at COE.

 •    Disbursing funds as authorized, including charges for title insurance, recording fees,          brokers and commissions, and payments on loans.

 •    Closing the transaction as quickly and efficiently when all requirements  are met.

•     Follow up on items after the close of escrow (inquiries, refunds, etc.) with care.